It was Sanam who asked me to maintain the confidentiality of our commitment: Tharshan

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 fame Tharshan Thiyagarajah, who was accused of physical and mental harassment by his former fiancee Sanam Shetty , has now come out asserting that her allegations are untrue. He trashes Sanam’s accusation of him hiding their engagement and avers that it’s she who asked him not to open up about the same for three years. Tharshan also adds that the wedding was called off as he couldn’t handle the pressure from Sanam after coming out of the reality show. He opens up on how they met, the conditions she laid down when they got engaged, what went wrong, and more ...

One of Sanam's complaints against you is a breach of trust, and she claims that you canceled the wedding ...

First of all, I had no intention of hiding our commitment. But she insisted that she not make it public for three years, as she thought it would affect her movie offerings. Even otherwise, I don't believe in talking about personal things in public, so I agreed. His parents also asked me to keep it confidential.

But according to her, you completely ignored her after you passed the house of Bigg Boss and started harassing her when she tried to make things work ...

We both sent our profiles together for the third season of the show, but yours was rejected. He even tried to influence them through one of his relatives, who is a politician. The wedding was supposed to take place in June of last year, but it wasn't because I went to participate in the show. I thought I could get a wild card entry, but that didn't happen either. Sanam did not like my relationship with Sherin in the house, although she was only a good friend. Later, when I explained my relationship with Sanam to Sherin, she stayed away from me, since I didn't want her name to be dragged into this. But after leaving the house, I was surprised by Sanam's behavior change. I began to be mentally affected due to their pressure to announce our relationship with the public. In addition, she insisted that he take her wherever she went. She used to force me to book executive class tickets every time I went abroad. He also asked me to derive it for movie offers that were presented to me.

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When did you decide to stop being in touch?

It's been more than a couple of months now. When we decided to break up, she again insisted that I talk about it with the media. I was not comfortable with that and told him the same. I told him that I would talk about this with his parents, but not with the public. His claim that my parents threatened her is completely false. If I have parents who can threaten others with their influence or power, why would I fight for an opportunity in commercials and movies?

If your statements are not true, why do you think he is doing all this?

To be honest, I have no idea about it. In addition to the suicide threats he came up with, he used to tell me that he would take revenge on me. That's why I didn't make our relationship public. There have been cases in which he went to the production houses and claimed that I cheated on her. Once, he even told me that he will do everything possible to reduce my growth while I come from a different country.

They were making a movie together. What is the status of the project?

The film has been temporarily archived due to the financial crisis. She claims she has squandered on me. If I had so much money, I could have used it for the project and finished it. She spent only about 3.5 lakh for my employment visa and later returned the money. She has been saying that she helped me with her career, which is another lie. I had enough commercials and movies, some of which had me playing crucial roles. My family also used to send me money.

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She had said that you accused her of having a relationship with her co-stars ...

I don't know who his co-stars are and I never ask him where he is going and who he works with.

Do you have plans to file a complaint against her?

Whatever is said and done, I am still grateful to her because she suggested my name for some of the tasks I was part of. I also have great respect for their parents. I just want to clarify that your accusations are not credible.