All children should be allowed to have pets: Sudha Murty

In a recent event in the city, Sudha Murty I was in good company, she had her pet gopi labrador with her. Then, he also took the opportunity to talk about the special bond he shares with his pet, whom he had even taken when he appeared in the actor. Ramesh Aravind The chat program “I recite poems to Gopi, which keep him entertained. I also tell him stories and I also sing lullabies. I don't know if he likes to listen to them or if he listens to them, but I like to do it. All he wants after all is something to eat. But spending time with him and talking to him is fun, ”says Sudha, adding that Gopi once confused an egg with a ball when he was first given one in his vegetarian home.nThe joy of having a pet, he adds, is something that all children should experience, ideally as soon as possible. I request that all parents with young children adopt pets at home, if possible. When one has pets , they need to be responsible, as there are activities That needs to be taken care of. Children in these homes grow rapidly, as they learn to be more responsible, he explains.