Bigg Boss 13: Upset Kashmera feels her sister-in-law Arti Singh doesn't trust her, accuses Vikas Gupta of ruining her family relationships

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 13 , the new task leads to massive fights between the contestants. While everyone does their best, Vikas Gupta You are given the opportunity to throw two people out of the captaincy career. He chooses Arti singh & Shehnaz Gill . This does Kashmera Shah, who played instead of Arti, got mad at him.

Kashmera tells Arti she doesn’t trust her family but others. The former talks about their talk the previous evening where Vikas had promised he would not turn against Arti. But he did exactly the same during the task.

Kashmera tells Arti that Vikas is not her person, & she shouldn’t listen to him. She asks her to learn & be selfish. Kashmera also accuses Vikas of putting ‘phoot in the family’.

Later, Arti confronts Vikas for the same but he blames Kashmera for flipping & cheating them first. The two feel he is biased.

Things, however, change when in the end Bigg Boss calls Vikas & Shehbaz, & gives them the chance to save one nominated contestant except their connections. Vikas convinces Shehbaz to choose Arti over Vishal. They do the same . This does Arti & Kashmera happy. The latter even breaks into tears. Arti tells Vikas that Kashmera was feeling guilty for not being able to win for her. They make peace & hug each other.