Kangana Ranaut: Becoming Amma is an interesting arc, but difficult to achieve.

When we met Kangana Ranaut on the set of Thalaivi She was sitting on the corner of the stage, silently practicing the movements and expressions of her hands. She was filming a sequence of songs and the set was full of background dancers who gathered together to remember her steps. But the actress was less upset by all the hustle and bustle around her. She chose to drown out all the sound, except the lines of the song she had learned by heart. Of course, it is a classic song, and it is being filmed in Tamil and Hindi one after another. Once Kangana, director Vijay choreographer Gayathri Raghuram and the director of photography Vishal Vittal had decided which sequence would be filmed next, the actress took a short break and turned to us, ready to talk to us about why she chose to take a movie that narrated the life of the former actress and CM from Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa and how he has been enjoying every minute playing the role. Here are some excerpts from our conversation ... and to learn more about how he has been training for the film and also about which iconic woman from Tamil Nadu she wants to play on the screen then look at this space ...

You have made films in which your characters have been inspired by the actress, such as Parveen Babi in Woh Lamhe. But making a biography of an actress turned politician must be a new experience.

Even in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, my role was freely based on Madhubala. But after Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, this is my next suitable biographical film. It is not that I choose these roles. I can say that I am only lucky because I have been able to have this opportunity.

To play a person who existed in flesh and blood on the screen, it is important to connect with them. What did you think of Jayalalithaa to make that instant connection? In addition to my personal taste for her, it is the very extraordinary life she lived, and the extraordinary perseverance and strength she showed in the face of adversity ... these are really remarkable. But, of course, you should also see if it makes sense from the cinematic point of view. When I choose to make a movie, I see what is there for the public rather than what is there for me. I feel that your trip makes it an exceptionally good script, in terms of cinema and politics that blend together.

Obviously there must be some challenges.

Yes, for example, the culture is very, very different here. Amma has been a sensational and most beloved superstar. When I did my research here, I discovered that she was an icon, an icon of style. She never made shy characters on the screen, she was a pioneer. Becoming Amma is an interesting arc, but difficult to achieve.