Cardi B, Offset got drunk long before the fight in Miami

American rapper Cardi B and her husband Make up for had been drinking heavily during a wild night out before Make up for threw punches in the crowd at a Miami strip club, early Friday morning (local time).

Make up for was seen swinging at a person whom the rapper suspected of splashing his wife with champagne.

The store has also been told that Cardi he arrived at the disco at Fontainebleau at 2:30 a.m., while her husband showed up to meet her a little later.

According to a source, Cardi B He was drinking all the time he was in the club.

According to an assistant who was present at the club at that time, The ' Bodak Yellow ' rapper had a beer bottle with her before she performed and then was drinking onstage as well.

She was raising her glass and asking everyone [in the crowd] to 'have a drink with her,' said one of the attendees.

Another insider described her drinking as "nonstop." A different insider revealed that the 'Money' rapper seemed too drunk to finish her set, but the club insisted her to finish all the songs that she had been scheduled to perform.

According to an assistant, he seemed to be stumbling, while another tells him that he was facing problems due to his high heels.

Make up for also performed their song 'Clout' with her wife at the club.

According to the outlet, the pair left to head to fully nude strip joint Booby Trap on the River.