Budget 2020: the government allocates Rs 2,500 for the development of the tourism sector

NEW DELHI: To make India an attractive destination for international and national tourists, the Minister of Finance on Saturday proposed allocating Rs 2.5 billion rupees in the Budget for the fiscal year2020-21 for the tourism sector.

In addition to tourism, Sitharaman also proposed to allocate Rs 3.150 crore for the Ministry of Culture.

In order to have well-trained resources in the disciplines of museology and archeology, the Minister of Finance proposed to establish the first Indian Institute of Heritage and Conservation with the status of a university considered to operate under the Ministry of Culture.

The acquisition of knowledge in disciplines such as museology and archeology are essential to collect and analyze scientific evidence of such findings and for their dissemination through high-quality museums, Sitharaman said in his Budget speech.

Live plus Highlighting the improvement in tourism revenues in recent years, said the Minister of Finance, India has risen from rank 65 in 2014 to 34 in 2019 in the Competitive Travel and Tourism Index (World Economic Forum).

Because of this, foreign exchange gains grew 7.4 percent to Rs 1.88 lakh crores for the January 2019 period of Rs 1.75 lakh crores, he said.

The Minister proposed 8 new museums, which include the construction of infrastructure around 5 emblematic sites, in addition to proposing the renovation of 5 major museums throughout the country.

The Minister of Finance of the Union proposed five archeological sites that will be established/developed as iconic sites with museums in place in Rakhigarhi (Haryana), Hastinapur (Uttar Pradesh), Shivsagar (Assam), (Gujarat) and (Tamil Nadu).