Music students in a city acting school congratulated by the Electoral Commission of India

Dignitaries of the Electoral Commission of India (ECI) recently congratulated the students of the School of Performing Arts Whistling Woods International (WWI), Music Department. The afternoon witnessed an interesting session, in which the students were applauded for their original musical composition Desh Ke Liye, who played a vital role in the national campaign Desh Ka Mahatyohar of ECI. This video was broadcast during the recent elections .

The members of ECI were Umesh Sinha, Deputy Commissioner of Elections; Padma Angmo, Director of ECI; ALASKA. Pathak, Secretary ECI; Aradhna Sharma, Communications Executive; and Dilip Shinde, Indian Administrative Service ( IAS ), Additional Head Electoral Officer of Maharashtra.


Subhash Ghai is honored with a special trophy

The event began with Subhash Ghai, school founder and chairman, stating, Here is a campus where we are all learners and students, and where we take oaths to always remain this way. It is through this vision and mindset that we shall take the country forward. Speaking on the students' composition, I have further stated, The idea behind the music is to inspire our country to wake up and make the right choice at this pivotal moment in our history.

Subsequently, Umesh Sinha took the opportunity to praise him and the students and said: We were thrilled to know that the song came from him. We hope that this collaboration is only the first of many.

While giving thanks to the guests, the students expressed their admiration for the role played by the ECI with applause.