CPM Terms Disappointing Union Budget for J&K people

JAMMU: The CMF unit and on Saturday called the Union Budget disappointing for the people of India, saying it lacks a concrete plan to revive several sectors, including tourism, which were greatly affected after the revocation of the special status of the former state in August of last year.

There is no policy statement in the Budget. We need something specific in the Budget and unfortunately, it is the most disappointing budget for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, said the head of the CMF and former legislator M & Tarigami in a statement here.

The Center has allocated Rs 30,757 million for the newly created Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the 2020-21 Budget presented by the Union finance minister on Saturday.

They have been talking about development as if there was no development before. The allocation and mention in the Budget itself says nothing about the development of the mission that the BJP has promised to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, said Tarigami.

He said entire businesses have been destroyed in Kashmir in the last five months.

There has been no mention of reviving the business and helping those who work in this area anyway. There is no concrete plan, said Tarigami.

Not only the fruit, but the fruit trees were destroyed in the snow. That or any kind of expression is not mentioned to compensate for this sector, he added.

Tarigami said that the agricultural community and producers should receive assistance in this hour of deep crisis to revive the agricultural sector. Even in Jammu, the rains caused devastation and caused great crop losses.

He said there was no mention of road and rail connectivity. How many decades will it take longer to connect Kashmir to the rest of the country by a reliable road or rail link, Tarigami asked.

He said that the Center has not been able to accelerate work on the problematic Ramban-Ramsu axis on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway, which must often be closed due to landslides.

The road and rail line project should have priority since the BJP-led government came to power in 2014, said the leader of the IPC (M).

He said the Center was talking about large-scale investments, but that nobody was going to invest when there is no electricity.

There is no electricity and people are living in a pathetic condition. They are talking about investments, but without electricity they will invest here, since even to run a store, you need an electricity connection, said Tarigami.

He added that providing employment for young people has become a chronic problem at the national level and much more in Jammu and Kashmir because there is no industry in the Union Territory.