Central Vista makeover: CPWD witnesses a threefold increase in budget allocation

NEW DELHI: The CPWD, which is executing the ambitious remodeling project of the Modi government, witnessed a triple increase with an allocation of around Rs 3,000 million in the Union budget.

In the revised 2019-20 budget, the Central Department of Public Works (CPWD), a leading construction agency of the Union government, received Rs 1,135.72 crore.

In the 2020-21 budget presented by the Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman in Lok sabha On Saturday, the agency received Rs 3,033.41 rupees.

The Central Vista redevelopment project foresees a triangular building of the Parliament next to the existing one, the common Central Secretariat and the renovation of the three-kilometer long Rajpath, from to the Gate of India.

Live plus According to an official, the CPWD has estimated that the remodeling of Central Vista will cost around Rs 12,879 million rupees.

The triangular building of Parliament is intended to be built by August 2022, when the country will celebrate its 75th Independence Day. It is likely that the Common Central Secretariat will be built by 2024.

According to the project, it is likely that the residence and office of the prime minister will move near the South Block and that the new house of the vice president is near the North Block.

The residence and office of the prime minister will be close enough that the prime minister can walk to the office from his home, a source said last month.

The common Central Secretariat will comprise 10 buildings, five on each side of Central View. Each building will have eight floors, which will house several ministries.

There are currently around 25,000 to 32,000 employees working in various ministries situated in different locations in the . The common Central Secretariat will accommodate plus employees at one place.