Gurdas Maan's son marries a Shahi-style girlfriend

On January 31 Baradari Neemarana Palace Patiala played a real host for the wedding of Gurikk Maan , veteran singer and actor Gurdas Maan Son of him, with his girlfriend of five years, Simran Kaur Mundi . IMG-20200131-WA0033 (1) Typical of the traditional sensibilities of the Maan family, the wedding was impregnated with Punjabi rituals, from the atmosphere to the diffusion of the kitchen. While the celebrations began three days before the wedding day, a group of celebrities from the entertainment industry Punjabi and Hindi arrived with their entourage. Garnet and gray lehenga dress delivered with traditional Punjabi jewels, antique Miss india and actor, Simran dazzled as the girlfriend besides Gurikk who matched his turban with his girlfriend ’s attire and paired it with a golden sherwani.

etimes_car_3col etimes_maan_2col Like all weddings, food was also the mainstay of Maan's wedding. However, the food here stood out from the rest in its theme and thought process. Like Deepika-Ranveer, both Gurikk and Simran were involved in the micro level of preparations, says Sanjay Vazirani, who attended both couples' weddings. And he adds: What stood out was that Gurikk, aware of the loss of food, did not want 100 items on the menu. I wanted a limited menu of 14 odd dishes at a formal lunch after the wedding, instead of a comprehensive buffet that allows for more food waste.