Madhya Pradesh: A year later, no substitute was found for the word 'collector'

BHOPAL: A year ago, Prime Minister Kamal Nath He had declared that it is time to change the word used for district collectors, as it serves as a reminder of the British era. But even after 12 months, the government has yet to move in this direction to find a substitute for colonial use.

In January of last year, Nath had said that he wanted the word collector to be removed from the bureaucratic arena and asked the district collectors for suggestions for a better alternative. CM was in his hometown, when he said that the district collector should be treated as district administrators, since the word collector is irrelevant today. After the announcement of CM, the law minister said on October 23 last year that the government is seeking advice from intellectuals to finalize a new word that will be used instead of district collectors in MP. But after that, the problem seems to be languishing in cold storage.

When contacted, PC Sharma said Thursday: The proposal to change the word collector is underway and collectors will soon receive a new word throughout the state. In 1772, Warren Hastings, governor of the Bengal Presidency, presented the district collector's office. The name stayed and almost 250 years later, it is still in use in Madhya Pradesh. Most other states in India prefer the term district magistrate.

In addition to the change in the name of the collector and the commissioner, the government also wanted to make changes in the way new schemes are announced in the districts. Instead of elected representatives, the government wanted district collectors to announce development projects so officials could be responsible in case projects are delayed. But that announcement is also about to be implemented.