Six Indians in China stopped boarding a special flight to India due to high fever

BEIJING: Six Indians stranded in the city affected by the coronavirus could not address the first special Indian air flight to India due to high fever, officials said Saturday.

The first flight left early on Saturday with 324 Indians stranded, mostly Wuhan students.

Authorities told PTI that six Indians were unable to board the flight, as they were arrested by Chinese immigration officials after conducting high temperature tests.

All six students may have to undergo tests to determine if they have symptoms of.

Before the evacuation, they informed the Indians that they will be evaluated before the flight and will undergo 14 days of quarantine after arriving in India.

The special Indian air plane carrying 211 students, 110 working professionals and three minors from Wuhan reached Delhi around 7.30 am on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the second Indian air flight has arrived here to pick up the rest of the Indians from Hubei province of which Wuhan is the provincial capital.

On Saturday, Chinese health authorities announced that the death toll increased to 259 and the total number of confirmed cases increased to 11,791, the largest increase since China began reporting the spread of the virulent virus on January 21.

China said in its daily report on Saturday that 1,795 patients remained in critical condition, and 17,988 people were suspected of being infected with the virus at the end of Friday.

A total of 243 people have been discharged from the hospital after recovery.

On Friday, 2,102 new confirmed cases, 5,019 new suspected cases and 46 deaths were recorded.

So far, about 124 positive cases have been reported in a number of countries, including India, where the first case was confirmed in Kerala.

Earlier in the day, the Indian Embassy said in a tweet that "an Indian air flight carrying 324 Indian nationals from the coronavirus hit Hubei Province of China took off from Wuhan in the early hours of Feb 1. Majority of the passengers were Indian students. We sincerely thank the Chinese government for facilitating this flight".

We hope to operate another flight to evacuate the remaining Indian citizens, who have agreed to leave Hubei province for now.

We urge all Indian citizens of Hubei who intend to take advantage of this flight to India and have not yet contacted the Embassy, ​​urgently call the hotlines (+8618610952903 and +8618612083629) or the dedicated email ID [email protected] before 0800 hours on February 1, 2020, the embassy said.

The schedule of the second flight has not yet been announced.

Authorities said they have established a quarantine facility in Manesar, near Delhi, to keep evacuees from the Chinese province of Hubei. They would be monitored for any signs of infection for a period of two weeks by a qualified team of doctors and staff members.