Union budget 2020: the government assigns Rs 1.67 lakh crore to MHA

NEW DELHI: A total sum of Rs 1.67,250 crore was allocated to the home ministry in Union Budget 2020-21, of which almost 63% will go to police organizations and plans aimed at improving police resources. An important part of the Ministry of Interior spending, which amounts to Rs 30,757 million, has also been allocated to transfers to the newly created Union Territory of y.

Although the allocation of the Ministry of Interior, excluding transfers to UTs, was reduced to Rs 1.14,387 crore from Rs 1.24,082 rupees in 2019-20 (RE), the budget for transfers to UTs increased substantially to Rs 53,864 million rupees of around Rs 15,025 million rupees in 2019-20 (RE excluding the two UTs of Daman&Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli, now merged into one). The increase is largely due to the impressive allocations to the new UTs of J&K and Ladakh to finance the momentum of the Modi government towards development and welfare initiatives there.

UT of J&K and UT of Ladakh will receive 30,757 million rupees and 5,958 million rupees respectively as central transfers. In addition, Rs 14,652 million rupees will be extended as grants instead of prizes from the finance commission and the participation of the previous J&K state in the net income of taxes.

With the exercise of the Census and the NPR on the way, the allocation for the census, the survey and the statistics managed by the Registrar General of India has risen to Rs 4,568 million rupees from the revised estimate of 2019-2013 rupees. The first phase of the 2021 Census and the NPR will take place simultaneously between April and September.

The allocation under the police chief has increased to Rs 1,05,244 crore from the revised 2019-20 estimate of Rs 1,03,202 crore. The central armed forces of the police were assigned together 77,886 million rupees, compared to the 76,169 million rupees budgeted in the last fiscal year. The police chief includes expenses on schemes for women's safety, with a crore of Rs 855 for the transfer of the Nirbhaya Fund and a crore of Rs 855, which will be covered from the Nirbhaya Fund, reserved for the National Response System to Emergencies and the prevention of cybercrime against women and children.

The modernization scheme of the police forces and the Crime and Criminal Monitoring Network System (CCTNS) will receive Rs 784 million rupees, below the 2019-2000 rupees figure. The disbursement for NATGRID has risen to Rs 52 crore from Rs 44 crore. The police infrastructure budget includes the provision to build the National Police University in, UP.