Government departments will create more than 2.6 lakh jobs between 2019 and 2021: budget estimate

NEW DELHI: Amid a chorus of criticism from opposition parties over the lack of job creation, the Union Budget presented on Saturday estimated that more than 2.62 lakh jobs are likely to be created between March 2019 and March of 2021 in various organizations.

The strength of government establishments was 32.62,908 as of March 1, 2019, which will increase to 35.25,388 by the same date in 2021, an increase of 2.62,480, he said.

Congress and other parties have been criticizing the Modi government for the lack of job creation, especially after the demonetization of high-value bills in November 2016.

The budget documents give a breakdown of the jobs that are likely to be created in the central government departments between 2019 and March 2021.

Live plus Se estima que los 79,353 empleos plus altos se crean en la policía.

Up to 22,046 new jobs are likely to be created in the Ministry of Defence (civil). Its strength was 70,978 in March 2019 and will increase to 93,024 for the same month in 2021.

The workforce of the home ministry (excluding the cabinet, police forces, union territories) is likely to increase by 8,200 to bring its force to 26,564 in March 2021.

It is estimated that 3,886 jobs are created in the Ministry of Culture, 3,903 in the Department of Space, 3,243 in the Department of Revenue, 2,581 in the Ministry of Earth Sciences, 2,167 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2,136 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. environment, forests and climate change and 1,347 in the ministry of electronics and information technology at that time.

Over 2,300 plus personnel will be added in the workforce of atomic energy department over the two-year period.


It is estimated that a total of 1,766 new jobs in Farmers' Cooperation and Welfare will be created by March next year.

Habrá una incorporación de plus de 1,600 personas en la transmisión y entre marzo de 2019 y marzo de 2021.

As many as 2,684 plus personnel are estimated to be added to the Personnel Ministry by March next year. The Railway Ministry will not see increase in its head count by March next year, according to the budget document.

The budget is interwoven around three prominent themes, including one from aspirational India, in which all sectors of society seek better living standards, with access to health, education and better jobs, said the Minister of Finance in his speech about the budget.