Online degree courses for students of weaker sections; new edu policy coming soon: Budget

NEW DELHI: The country's top 100 educational institutions will offer a complete online education program to students from private sectors of society and those who do not have access to higher education, the finance minister said on Saturday.

In presenting the Budget for fiscal year 2020-21 in Parliament, Sitharaman said that a new education policy will be announced soon and the government proposes to provide around Rs 99.3 billion rupees for the education sector in 2020-21 and around Rs 3,000 Rs million for skill development.

By linking skills development with education, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has given wings to the Indian Skill Mission and the country's overall skills ecosystem. India is a treasure trove of talented people who must be skilled so that they can realize their dreams.

The disbursement of Rs 3,000 million will give a boost to vocational education and training. Under current plans, we are already demonstrating skills training in 8,000 schools and institutes, with 400 hours in classes 9-10 and 500 hours in classes 11-12 for a trade. The 2020 Budget establishes a provision to expand the network to other schools as well Entrepreneurship Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey said.

Live plus The finance minister also announced that the ministries of health and skills development and entrepreneurship would design a special course in conjunction with professional agencies to achieve equivalence and improve the skills of teachers, nurses, paramedical staff and caregivers.

Emphasizing that India should also be a preferred destination for higher education, he said that under the 'Study in India' program an IND-SAT exam is proposed in Asian and African countries to evaluate foreign candidates receiving scholarships to study in Indian higher education centers.

"Dialogues have been held with state education ministries, Members of Parliament and other stakeholders on the education policy. Over 2 lakh suggestions were also received. The new education policy will be announced soon," Sitharaman said, adding steps would be taken to enable sourcing of external commercial borrowing and FDI so as to de Live r higher quality education.

Noting that students in general rather than those in science or technology need to improve their employment opportunities, he said that around 150 higher education institutions will begin to learn, integrated degree diploma courses by March 2021.

The government proposes to start a program whereby local urban agencies across the country provide internship opportunities to new engineers for a period of up to one year, said the finance minister.

In order to provide quality education to students from private sectors of society, as well as to those who do not have access to higher education, it is proposed to initiate a complete online education program at grade level, Sitharaman announced.

She said this will be offered only by institutions ranked in the top 100 in the national institutional classification framework and initially, only a few institutions will be asked to offer such programs.

In addition, a national police university and a national university of forensic sciences are proposed in the field of police science, forensic science and cyber forensic science.

Sitharaman said the government will also begin a program through which local urban agencies across the country will provide internship opportunities to new engineers for a period of up to one year. The National Skills Development Agency will give special impetus to infrastructure development skills-focused opportunities, said the Minister.