The Union budget is not in touch with reality, says Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray

MUMBAI: the prime minister criticized the Union Budget Say you sell dreams and are not in touch with reality. The budget takes young people, farmers and ordinary citizens through a land of dreams, he said.

Thackeray said the budget was disappointing as it offers a maternal treatment to Mumbai and has nothing to offer.

Thackeray said Mumbai, which is the country's growth engine and Maharashtra, received nothing. Mumbai's basic infrastructure, the subway projects where they were expected to be carried out, have not received support, he said. The suburban railways of Mumbai, which is the livelihood of the city, or any other proposed railway project in the state are not mentioned. The reference to the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train is old. A single heritage site in Mumbai or Maharashtra has not been selected to be developed as an iconic site, he said.

The prime minister said that by 2030 the country will have the largest number of young people, but there is no concrete proposal to ensure they get paid employment. In recent years, the government introduced the Startup, Standup and Make in India schemes to create a business environment and eliminate bureaucratic bureaucracy. The government has also made a similar commitment this time, but has not made enough budget provision for skills development. The tourism sector that can generate large jobs has received very little budget support, he said.

The Union government has said an objective of 10% of GDP, but in reality it is 5% this financial year and the estimate of the Economic Survey is that it will be 6 to 6.5% by 2020-21. It is one of the lowest GDP in recent years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream of a $ 5 billion economy cannot be achieved at this rate, he said.