Update of Kumkum Bhagya on January 31: Ranbir gets angry with Prachi

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya , everyone is happy with Rhea while saving Ranbir of being arrested She tries to provoke everyone against Prachi by speaking negatively about her.

Vikram and Ranbir still cannot fathom why Prachi would take such a step. They are still in disbelief.

Pallavi and Dadi thank Rhea for her help, and this makes her happy. Abhi too thinks about her love and affection for Ranbir.

Meanwhile, Aryan finds Ranbir crying and he asks him to stop thinking about Prachi. The two of them fight, but then Aryan takes Ranbir home, and asks him to talk to Prachi once.

Rhea talks about the whole thing with Aliya and Meera. She feels she should go and meet Ranbir but Aliya stops her.

Pallavi tells Vikram she is upset with Prachi but then gets mad at Vikram when he takes Prachi's side. They feel sorry for Ranbir, who leaves for college without eating anything.

At college, everyone speaks ill of Ranbir but Rhea comes to his defense.

Shahana yells at Prachi for taking Maya's side. Ranbir, who has been overhearing their conversation, takes Prachi to the library. He locks it and tells her how mad he is at her for not trusting him.

Prachi asks him to leave her alone.