Travel back to the # Roaring20s: learn about these makeup trends

The appearance of flapper beauty, full face makeup, scarlet lips and bulky eyelashes, everything extravagant, bright and elaborate is what defined the 20s. Would you like to be able to take a trip back in time to experience the twenties through makeup? Florian Hurel, celebrity makeup and stylist talks about the trend.

Florian Hurel (5)

The French makeup artist says: After the end of World War I (1914-1918), makeup had been considered inappropriate and should only be used by a certain type of woman, or during theatrical performances. The cinema had a tremendous influence on women Post war time and due to the recession, new cosmetic products and brands were available and, since they were black and white, people could only see the shapes but barely knew the color and The shades of the shadow. Dark eyeshadows and soft smoky eyes. in vogue. Mascara was still a relatively new invention and was mainly used to darken eyelashes. They were also known as eyelash beautifiers or eyelash darkening.

the roaring

In 1923, Kurlash made the eyelash curler and was a great success. While long, thin eyebrows were in shape, the shape of the lips in the 1920s was primarily associated with Cupid's bow. Manicure nails were, but having a tan was not fashionable and was considered a sign of poverty. When Coco Chanel was seen wearing a tan during a trip, it resulted in a tan in 1928, Florian says, adding: Short hair with waves of fingers and fine eyebrows like a pencil were a rage. The dark inner corner of the smoky eye that faded in the outer corner and the blush on the cheek block were very pronounced at the time.

The roaring 20s