I have never returned any awards and neither would in the future: Vishal Bhardwaj

Stressing that students and citizens have the right to go out and protest under the Constitution, filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj He said it was unfair for the government to qualify people against them as urban naxals. Speaking on the first day of the Deccan Literature Festival in Pune, Bhardwaj said: “It is sad that we are at a point where someone who criticizes him is qualified as a antinational .”

Vishal added that, as an artist, he is deeply affected to see what is happening around him today. “Violence, shooting, hate and fear are affecting everyone. We have to keep protesting against this. In a democracy, protesting is a fundamental right of all citizens and we should not be denied the right to do so. Gandhiji and other freedom fighters also protested against the British and we gained our independence. My movie Haider He would have faced many difficulties if he launched today, but perhaps he would have done something else. You see, creativity takes a different form and form, it can't be eliminated, because art is like a stream of water and a rock can't keep it from flowing.

On the “award wapsi” movement, Vishal said, “A lot of my friends have told me to return the awards. I told them that the awards they were asking me to return were not conferred by the current government. Later I received two National Awards under the current government - one for Haider and one for Talwar. If I return those awards, I will be disrespecting the jury that has no relation with politics. So I have never returned any awards and neither would I do so in the future. ”