More than 300 Bangladeshi people return to Wuhan's house, attacked by viruses, in a special plane

DHAKA: more than 300 Bangladeshis On Saturday he returned home from the Chinese city, the epicenter of the city, in a special plane and was quarantined in a facility under military and police surveillance, authorities said.

State-run Biman Airlines' Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft carrying 312 Bangladeshis, including 12 children and three infants, landed at Hazrat (HSIA) here in afternoon, Biman spokeswomen Tahera Khondoker said.

Khondoker said 15 crew members and four doctors were aboard the special flight.

The evacuees were escorted directly to nearby Ashkona Hajj Camp from the airport, where they would have to remain under medical observation for the next 14 days, since time is considered the period of incubation of the virus, said a spokesman for the Bangladesh Ministry of Health.

According to a report in BD News, seven people with fever were sent to the hospital after arriving from Wuhan.

The death toll in the epidemic has skyrocketed to 259 with a total of confirmed cases that rose to 11,791 in China amid intensified efforts by several countries to evacuate their citizens from the province and its capital Wuhan.

The virus emerged in early December and dates back to a market in Wuhan that sold wild animals.

The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a global emergency on Thursday.

Bangladeshi Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen during a press conference with Health Minister Zahid Maleque said Friday that the returnees were not sick, but we do not want to take any risks and must go through the required medical observations .

Malek urged relatives of returnees not to meet at the camp in the next 14 days, adding that the General Directorate of Health and the Army Medical Center were mobilized to properly care for evacuees according to a prepared treatment protocol with WHO guidelines to manage the situation.

Authorities said earlier that army troops were summoned to monitor the camp along with police to enforce quarantine and that people who returned from China could not contact other people.

The evacuees were among estimated 400 Bangladeshis, mostly students, who were stranded in Wuhan.

The governments of several countries, including India, have marked plans to return their nationals under a special Wuhan agreement.

The huge B747 Air India plane carrying 211 students, 110 working professionals and three minors arrived in New Delhi on Saturday after evacuating 324 Wuhan Indians.

Another airline flight departed for the Chinese city from New Delhi in the afternoon.