Union budget: CBI obtains a nominal increase of only Rs 4 crore

NEW DELHI: On Saturday, which is in the bulk of several high-profile graft boxes, it obtained Rs 802 Rs in the Budget, a nominal increase of almost Rs 4 Rs.

With limited human resources, the agency is examining extradition cases abroad and investigating corruption, bank scams and cases of special crimes nationwide, authorities said.

The CBI received an increase of Rs 798 million rupees allocated last year to Rs 802.19 crore in 2020-21, according to the Union Budget presented on Saturday by the Minister of Finance.

This is an increase of approximately 0.50 percent compared to the last budget.

Live plus In fiscal year 2019-20, Rs 781.01 rupees were initially assigned to the CBI, which was then revised to Rs 798 crore.

The provision is for expenses related to the establishment of Central Research Office , which is responsible for the investigation and prosecution in cases of corruption against public servants, private persons, companies and other cases of serious crimes, said the Budget document.

This also includes the provision for several projects such as CBI e-Governance, modernization of the agency's training centers, establishment of technical and forensic support units, comprehensive modernization and purchase of land, construction of offices or residential buildings for the CBI , said.