Music Review: Aswathama

Album: Aswathama

Genre: Tollywood

Sri Charan Pakala's OST , the Naga Shaurya and Mehreen Pirzada-starrer Aswathama is a short and sweet one, consisting of four numbers.

Opening the album on a sombre note is the Aswathama title song, with Divya Kumar’s vocals, Sri Charan Pakala's backing vocals and Ramajogayya Sastry’s lyrics. The lyrics of the number provide a peek into the cat-and-mouse play that will ensue between the protagonist and antagonist, even if they sometimes get a little bit over-the-top in describing the former as a ‘savior of women’. Sri Charan Pakala's music and guitar are both strong in this one, so are Divya’s vocals. The number is an intense one and definitely does not make for a light listen.

The following is the romantic Ninne Ninne with the voices of Armaan Mallik and Yamini Ghantasala and the lyrics of VNV Ramesh Kumar. This romantic offer manages to differentiate itself from the usual rate. The melody and music are beautiful and easy to hum. Gautam Raj violins in particular are an impressive addition.

Maahi is a wedding number that sees voices from Poojan Kohli and lyrics by Kasarla Shyam. The number also includes choirs by Sri Charan Pakala, Kapil Addagarla, Ramesh Elijati, S Anant Srikar and Marcus Shammah J. -cutter music wedding. Poojan does the best he can with what he offers and his voice is the only thing that keeps this number afloat.

The last one is Andaga Annaga with the lyrics of VNV Ramesh Kumar. This also traces the relationship between a brother and his sister, but the lyrics are a little better here. Vedala Hemachandra's voice is impressive, even if the lyrics, the melody and the music of the number are too melodramatic. This is a touch and go.

All in all, Aswathama has two numbers that are good to listen and two which might work better with the film but do nothing much individually. Give Aswathama and Ninne Ninne a chance this weekend, even Andaga Annaga if you don't mind sentimental songs. You might not find your next favorite number, but it’s definitely worth a listen.