Women go outside at midnight at Evethon

It was a show of strength and solidarity as the women of Mumbai runners He participated in a special race on Friday night. It was him Maharashtra Police Midnight Evethon, which was intended to make the night safer for women. The route of the 3-km run was from Maharashtra Police Headquarters at Regal to NCPA and on return.

Great cheers greet the night


The large group of runners gathered near Regal by 10 pm. The mood was upbeat and they carried posters and wore slogans on their white T-shirts. The event was held in conjunction with Tigress Moms and the Maharashtra Police and speaking to the crowd before the flag-off, Krishna Prakash , IG Admin, Maharashtra Police , said, “I ran to support the participants.We are with the citizens and are not just a strong-arm of the government. This event is in an initiative of DGP Maharashtra and has taken place not just here, but all over Maharashtra."



Says runner and fitness Instructor Rupali Samant, who planned the route, “was delighted at the event as this was a way to show gratitude to Mumbai Police . It is due to them that women could come out. Women is being fearless what we believe in and we want more people to take up fitness for themselves.”

Sushant Joshi, who captured the event, added: “This is the first time I went to Mahila Run and I was surprised to see such a large attendance at midnight. It's great to see so many women join for this cause.