Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah update January 31: Popat receives a marriage proposal due to 'chamatkari angoothi'

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah , Jethalal it looks in the godown when Bagha & Nattu kaka Come running towards him. They tell him how the 'chamatkari angoothi' (magic ring) has helped them sell iron, refrigerators, etc. Everyone praises him.

In order to bring them back to reality, Jethalal asks Bagha to get payment from a customer who has been sending them back for the past two years. He tells them he not only increase their salary if he manages to do so but also give them half the payment.

This makes Bagha ecstatic. Nattu kaka wishes him luck & he goes. It takes Bagha a lot of time. At night when Jethalal tells the story of the 'chamatkari angoothi' to his friends of Gokuldham while they are sitting at Abdul's shop, they all mock the superstitious beliefs that plague the country.

However, just then, Bagha comes & tells Jethalal they have received the payment from the customer. Jethalal & others are surprised. Popatlal asks Bagha more about the 'chamatkari angoothi' & takes him home.

Bagha orders the ring for Popatlal as well & assures him he would get a wife in no time. Popatlal is ecstatic as his courier with the ring is expected the next day. In the morning, Popat waits impatiently & then on receiving the ring, feels joyous.

Popat wears the 'angoothi' & within no time, he gets a call from a marriage bureau. The lady informs him that their client Lajwanti wants to meet him with her parents. They decide the dress code, venue & time. Popat credits the ring for the change in his luck.