Darshan extends his support to the Gentleman team

With less than six days to launch Caballero, starring Prajwal Devaraj At the head, the challenging star Darshan returns to support the Lord. In a wake-up call to all Kannada movie lovers, Darshan joins the gentleman The team for a great pre-launch event in Bengaluru on Monday Darshan has always shown unconditional support for his fans, friends and the new breeds of budding filmmakers and artists.

Mr. Darshan is always one of the first to extend his support in any good effort. Share a special link with Devaraj sir and his family, which is evident from his close association even on the silver screen. Prajwal Devaraj is like his younger brother. From day one - clapping to the every step of the making, he has been a great support and a guiding star to us. We are greatful for Darshan sir's, who stood by our film through which we are attempting to create awareness towards hypersomnia with a lace of entertainment," says producer Guru Deshpande .

The film directed by Jadesh Kumar Hampi stars Prajwal Devaraj , Nishvika and others, who are ready to reach the screens on February 7.