Nirmala Sitharaman shortens the short budget speech after feeling bad

NEW DELHI: The finance minister on Saturday interrupted his budget speaks in Lok sabha since he felt bad after talking for 160 minutes.

Sitharaman had only two pages of her speaks unread when she appeared uneasy and was seen wiping sweat from her forehead.

She was offered candies by her ministerial colleagues, but that did not help and she opted to discontinue the speaks asking Speaker Om Birla to consider the remaining part of her speaks as read.

This was the longest Budget speaks by any finance minister.

Live plus Sitharaman, 60, broke her own record of a 2-hour-17- minute-long maiden Budget speaks in July 2019.

The finance minister later laid budget documents and demand for grants for the next financial year in .

The upper house, which met around 1:30 pm for tabling of budget documents, was adjourned as her speaks was still continuing in Lok sabha .

Rajya Sabha met again at 1:55 pm, but was again suspended for 10 minutes when Sitharaman was late.

When she arrived in the upper house, many members approached her and were seen asking her wellbeing.

After the presentation of documents, president Venkaiah Naidu He postponed the house until Monday.