Kashmera Shah gets the support of the members inside the house 'Bigg Boss'

Kashmera Shah, who is inside ' big boss ' House to support his sister-in-law Arti singh , is slowly but steadily garnering good support and admiration in the way she is conducting herself in the House .

While she has no doubts and fought with Vikas Gupta , she immediately solved it with him. She told him how the game is treated, but personally he has nothing against it. In return, Vikas gave him a big hug and said: Kashmera, I've seen you evolve and become a great human being. You are a beautiful person and you really care about everything.

Kashmera, being the honest and outspoken woman in the House , has made it clear that what's inside is what you see outside when it comes to her. She is not at all fake and wants to be the kind, caring yet straightforward in the way she will play the game in the House .

It remains to be seen how Kashmera will make viewers like and admire her more in the coming episodes.