Many repetitions, ramblings: Rahul Gandhi hits Budget 2020

NEW DELHI: The budget of the Union was spoken with much repetition and rambling, leader of the Congress Rahul Gandhi He said shortly after the presentation of the budget by the finance minister on Saturday.

The main problem facing the country is unemployment. I didn't see any strategic ideas that could help our young people get the job. I saw tactical things but not a central idea. It describes the government well, many repetitions, ramblings, it is the mentality of the government, everyone speaks, but nothing happens, he told reporters.

In response to the Budget, the secretary general of the IPC (M) said he did nothing to alleviate people's miseries.

Only topics and slogans. Nothing substantial to alleviate people's misery, rising unemployment, rural wage drop, suicides of farmers' distress and galloping prices, he tweeted.