The elimination of the 'Mankad' law may need some deliberation: Ashwin

NEW DELHI: India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin on Saturday he made a blatant comment on the idea of ​​eliminating the law related to 'Mankading' in the game of Cricket .

While responding to England Pacer James Anderson Ashwin said the elimination of the law may need some deliberation, but a shredder will work well for now.

The elimination of the law may need some deliberation! A Shredder could do the trick for now, Ashwin tweeted.

During the 2019 IPL, Ravichandran Ashwin ended up dismissing Rajasthan Royals 'batter Jos Buttler through the 'Mankad' and this riled up various Cricket ers and fans worldwide.

'Mankad' was felt in the quarterfinals of the U19 World Cup between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Afghanistan's spinner Noor Ahmad was left without Pakistan's starter Mohammad Huraira at the end of the non-striker while removing the bails while delivering the ball with the opener out of his fold.

The matter was referred to the third referee and the repetitions found Huraira out of the fold.

According to the laws of the game, if the non-striker is out of his field at any time from the moment the ball comes into play until the moment when the player would normally have been expected to throw the ball, he is likely to run out to the forward.

Pakistan defeated Afghanistan to organize a semifinal clash with India on February 4.