Bigg Boss Malayalam Update January 2, 31: Rajith Kumar is the new captain

On the 26th of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 , Rajith is seen performing his Surya Namaskaram routine. Realizing this, Daya, who is in jail, makes fun of Rajith that it will be difficult for him to find a partner. Upon hearing this, Rajith replies that Daya should concentrate on the game.

Later, in the kitchen, the companions complain about the cleaning of Rajith's glasses. They say that Rajith, who is in the glass washing equipment, is not doing well. Upon hearing this, Rajith defends that it is bad in housework and tells everyone not to put it on the cleaning equipment ever.

This triggers an argument at home and everyone starts confronting it. Meanwhile, Sujo also complains that the kitchen equipment is not hygienic either.

At noon, Bigg Boss assigns a new task to the prisoners. Fukru and Daya are supposed to grind the food grains provided to them. Bigg Boss also warns them that they will be allowed to have lunch only after completing the task. Interestingly, Fukru and Daya complete the task well.

Later, housemates have the opportunity to select the luxury items of the current week. They use the money earned from the luxury budget task to buy food.

At night, Bigg Boss announces the task of captaincy. In the task, nominated contestants Arya, Rajith and Jazla have the task of completing a puzzle of their own photographs. Rajith successfully completes the task and wins the game. Bigg Boss declares Rajith Kumar as the new captain of the house.