Nirmala Sitharaman gives in to BJP's demand for budget 'Gaon, Gareeb, Kisan'

NEW DELHI: In an important rural impulse, the government has allocated a huge amount of rupees of 2.83 lakh crore for agriculture and allied sectors, as the BJP sought in its pre-budget meeting with the finance minister on January 9 .

For agriculture, allied activities, irrigation and rural development, a huge allocation has been made for 2020-21. In fact, 'Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthan Mahabhiyan' (PM-KUSUM) will be expanded to provide 20 lakh farmers to install independent solar pumps, Sitharaman said.

the Budget speech He claimed to establish the objective of agricultural credit at Rs 15 lakh crore.

El esquema de almacenamiento en las aldeas dirigido por grupos de autoayuda proporcionará capacidad de retención a the agricultores, y las mujeres en las aldeas pueden recuperar su estatus de 'Dhaanya Lakshmi', dijo Sitharaman.

Live plus In his continued drive to the rural sector, the finance minister approved Rs 3.6 lakh crore for the Jal Jeevan Mission to provide potable water to rural India.

the finance minister also announced Kisan Rail and Kisan Udan -- farmer-centric railway and aviation services, in her Budget speech .

Esto está en línea con la demanda de BJP de un 'Presupuesto Gaon, Gareeb, Kisan' que había buscado en su reunión previa al Presupuesto de tres horas con el ministro de finanzas el 9 de enero. El secretario general de BJP, Arun Singh, que había asistido al reunión, dijo a the medios después de su conclusión que será un presupuesto impulsado por Gaon, Gareeb, Kisan (pueblo, pobre, agricultor). Cuando Sitharaman leyó the detalles, resultó ser uno.

Moreover, later this year, Bihar - one of India's most populous states will go to polls where the BJP hopes to return to power. According to 2011 census, of the total population of Bihar, around 88.71 per cent Live in villages. In actual numbers, the total population in rural areas of Bihar was over 9.23 crore.

This rural thrust may also be aimed to appeal to that segment, while others argue this move will put plus money in the hands of the rural populace, creating a rural demand that will have positive effects for the economy at large.