5 lipstick tricks to get Kangana Ranaut's nude lip color

When it comes to wearing a bare lip color, it is one of the most versatile lipstick shades. Whether smoky eyes or a wet makeup appearance, this lip color can go well with any look. The trend of the lips is a great success among Bollywood celebrities like Kangana Ranaut. If you want to carry out the bare lip trend, follow these five rules to do it right.

1. Start with a clean canvas. Your lips should be soft since flaky lips can be a big misstep. Exfoliate your lips and nourish with a lip oil or a balm.

2. Look for a color that favors your skin tone. Test the tone on your lip to see what matches your original lip color. The ideal lipstick should be a darker shade than the color of your lips.

3. Only a bare lip color can make you look too pale. Apply a natural color blush to get a healthy glow. You can also apply a CC cream or a transparent base to get imperfections.

4. If you look too dull, apply a layer of gloss to improve the look. You can also highlight your cupid's bow with a highlighter to attract all the attention to your lips.

5. Don't forget to outline your lips. Define your lips before applying lip color to obtain a flattering shape. To get the perfect shape, you can hide the outer corners of the lips with a concealer.