Tolly alters travel and filming plans

Coronavirus a global emergency has been declared by the World Health Organization and India reported its first case on Thursday from Thrissur, Kerala. While the epidemic has caused chills in the spine of people around the world, with more than 10,000 confirmed cases in China alone, closer to home, it has sent travel plans and shots to a tizzy. While many Tollywood actors have deferred their travel plans to the South-East Asian countries, some film shoots were also canceled at the neighborhood stand.

Yash, who was going to film in Singapore this month with Priyanka Sarkar for the Sujit Mondol movie, has already postponed his plans. “The current situation is really worrying. We have postponed filming for now and we will decide on an alternative location soon, ”he said the actor should also fly to Thailand for a short vacation before dealing with filming at the station. “I have canceled the plan after learning about the growing cases of coronaviruses worldwide. It is not limited only to China now. So, I have to be very careful with my travel plans, he said Yash , who is also vaccinating his dogs as a precaution.

Actress Pallavi Chatterjee He recently attended a wedding in Hua Hin, Thailand, with Brother Prosenjit Chatterjee. Sharing the really bad scenario with us, he said: Dada and I have witnessed the scare firsthand. And it's really bad out there. You will not see a single soul without a mask, whether at work, restaurants, on the streets, airports or anywhere. We take off our masks just to click on some photos here and there. There are many checks going on everywhere. After the wedding, we also went to Bangkok. But after returning to Kolkata, I made sure to give all my clothes, shoes and suitcases for sterilization, since the virus is very infectious and dangerous.

Koel Mallick Not only has she filmed for several films in Thailand, but she also continues to travel to Bangkok frequently to spend time with her husband. However, the virus outbreak has made her cautious. “I think half of my films have been shot in Bangkok. I love the place very much. I still go there every few months because they have a visa upon arrival and the flight is very short. Also, for my eternal love for Thai food. I never imagined that the coronavirus scare could spread to neighboring nations as it has. It is really annoying. I will think of a distant place for my next trip now, the actress lamented.

director Raja Chanda , who was supposed to shoot in Thailand with Ankush and Nusrat Faria, suspended the schedule to ensure the safety of his equipment. “Shooting Bhoy has moved to Darjeeling now. The safety of my cast and crew comes first for me, he said. Ankush, part of Raja's film, is often seen on vacation in Thailand with his girlfriend. Oindrila Sen . “It is my favorite travel destination. The place is quite affordable and the visa is not a nuisance. So, every time friends have so much free time at work, we land in Thailand to rest. But it won't happen soon, ”he reported. Rudranil Ghosh He recently called his birthday in Pattaya and planned to go there again next month. “It was a solo trip. But my friends insisted on going to the same place with me again. Then, we had decided to travel in mid-March. Everything was fixed. But now, seeing the current situation, there is no other option but to change the location, ”he said.

by Tnusree Chakraborty , who is allergic to colors, Thailand is her usual escape in Holi. “I was also supposed to go there this time. But I canceled the trip now. I have to think of another destination to spend Holi now, ”he shared.

Most of the sequences of songs and dances of Paayel Sarkar have been filmed in Thailand, Bali or Singapore. “I was supposed to go to Thailand along with my parents in January, but my trip was canceled. Now I'm not sure when I can travel there later. It's too risky, ”said the actress.