ICA representatives cannot attend BCA AGM

MUMBAI: It seems that many state associations in India are not yet in the mood to adhere to the reforms of Lodha. Ultimately, the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA), in a clear violation of the reforms ordered by the Supreme Court, refused to allow male and female representatives, Amikar Dayal & Kavita Roy , of the Indian cricket association (ICA) in your Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday.

“Firstly, AGM venue was switched at the last minute to a place two hours (65 kilometres) away from Patna, called Arrah, which has no cricketing background, just to inconvenience, confused & avoid us. The president of the BCA, Rakesh Tiwari, said that only those ex-cricketers appointed by the BCA can attend the meeting, & not those authorised by ICA/ BCCI . We waited downstairs at the venue for close to an hour, before leaving. The president never met us. We are feeling extremely insulted. Later, the president called us & asked us to come & attend the meeting, but what’s the point of returning after being insulted like that? They didn’t allow us to attend the meeting because they don’t want those with cricketing background to be there. They know we won’t compromise with cricket. None of the five office-bearers at BCA have even held a bat in their hand,” Dayal, who led the India under-19 team from 1984-87 & played in the Ranji Trophy for Bihar, told TOI while on his way back to Patna.

“They’d deliberately put five chairs at the AGM, & not seven, as they just didn’t want us to be there. After we were not allowed to attend the meeting, more than half of the Apex Council, including BCA secretary, Sanjay Kumar boycotted it, as the meeting them became illegal,” he added.

“We’re returning from there after the president didn’t allow us to attend the meeting. We had been invited for the meeting, & even the air tickets were provided to us for the same. I came down all the way from Kolkata only because we were invited. It’s the duty of the state association to allow us in every meeting of theirs. As per the BCCI constitution, any meeting without us is illegal, said Roy, a former Bengal player.

“The secretary followed the protocol, but the president clearly didn’t. When I spoke to him yesterday, he spoke to me very rudely. He told me that we don’t recognize you, since you’ve been appointed by the BCCI , & not us. When I told him that I had been invited by the secretary to attend the meeting, he said then I should be speaking to the secretary!” she lamented.

We never thought that former players could be insulted like that, especially even after Lodha's reforms took effect, Dayal enraged. If you can't respect the former players, how will you handle the association? Roy wondered.

Both the representatives said that they would report about this matter to the ICA & the BCCI . “I will write a complaint about this to the ICA president, Ashok Malhotra, & the BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly,” he said. “Shantha Rangaswamy (former India women’s captain) has told me to mail me the details of the entire incident, & I’ll do so,” said Roy.

“We’ll take it up with the BCCI , as well as the BCA,” said ICA president Ashok Malhotra. “I’m not aware of this incident. I will request the president of the BCCI , Sourav Ganguly, & secretary Jay Shah, to write to all the associations to ensure that these things don’t happen again,” said Rangawasmy, who’s the female ICA representative in the BCCI Apex Council.

Both the secretary & president of the BCA didn’t respond to calls from this paper.