With Brexit done, this is what changes for the UK without EU

The United Kingdom wakes up on February 1 is no longer a member of the European Union. formally completed on January 31 at 11 p.m. GMT, but it may be more accurate to call it a separation, for now, than the total divorce that the United Kingdom had voted for more than three years.

This is because, although January 31 marks the date on which the break is made, there is time until the end of this year to finalize it, which will happen when both parties resolve the terms to separate and the crucial trade issue , government and ties between peoples. The most drastic changes are scheduled for December 31, 2020, but some things will be different in the future.


The UK may have new business partners, but will not want to discourage the EU

As soon as the United Kingdom formally leaves the EU on January 31, it can begin negotiating trade agreements with other countries. But the EU accounts for approximately half of the trade and the PM of the United Kingdom. Boris johnson You will undoubtedly try to make sure you are cushioned against the interruption.

The Brexit department of the United Kingdom closes

The Department to Leave the European Union, created by the former Prime Minister Theresa May In 2016, it will dissolve. A 40-member working group based in Downing Street will be responsible for the upcoming negotiations with the EU.

British diplomats in the EU

Britain's diplomatic presence in Brussels will change its brand and the access of British officials to EU facilities and information will be reduced.

UK MEPs lose their seats

The 73 members of the European Parliament of the United Kingdom, including prominent figures such as the leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, will lose their seats.

UK passport to change color

As the United Kingdom leaves the EU, its new passports will return to their traditional blue instead of Burgundy, which is recommended, but not mandatory, by EU regulations.

Brexit Commemorative Coins

Three million commemorative coins of 50 pence entered with the date January 31 and the text Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations will enter into circulation.

Fish as a currency

Britain's financial services sector, its largest export industry, would not want to lose easy access to the EU, indicating that it will use the threat of restricting access as a lever for broader demands, such as fishing access to The waters of the United Kingdom.

The English Premier League could take a hit

When the United Kingdom voted in favor of Brexit in 2016, the 20 Premier League clubs opposed. The new regulations are likely to set stricter limits on the number and eligibility of foreign players and coaches allowed in the Premier League. Foreign managers such as Pep Guardiola of Manchester City and Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool may not easily qualify for jobs in the United Kingdom in the future.


Live and work in the EU.

During the transition phase, citizens of the United Kingdom will be able to live and work in the EU, just like EU citizens in the United Kingdom. Britons living in the EU will still be able to vote and participate in municipal elections.

Scotland will continue flying the EU pavilion

Members of the Scottish Parliament voted to continue with the EU flag, rejecting a proposal to lower the flag after the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

Budgetary contributions to the EU

The United Kingdom will continue to pay the EU budget during the transition. This means that existing EU schemes will continue.


Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, shares a border with Ireland, which is a member of the EU. To avoid new controls or controls on products that cross the border between the two, the United Kingdom and the EU agreed that Northern Ireland will follow the EU customs code at its airports and the EU standards for agricultural and manufactured products to Despite not being formally part of the European bloc.