Shiv Sena: Why do life-threatening viruses always leave China?

MUMBAI: Affirming that life-threatening viruses often originate in China, the Shiv Sena On Friday, he said the world community should find out if pathogens as a novel are emerging from efforts to produce.

The outbreak of a new coronavirus was detected in the city of China earlier this month. The epidemic has killed 170 people and infected more than 7,000 worldwide.

In the editorial of its mouthpiece 'Saamana', the Shiv Sena noted that several developed countries including the United States and Japan are combating the new virus.

But you must also track how these life-threatening viruses are always generated in China. China has a biological laboratory where the coronavirus was found (first), he said.

Experiments are carried out on different animals there ... The world community should also find out if those viruses are emerging from efforts to produce biological weapons of mass destruction for the future, the party said.

The Seine, who runs a coalition government in Maharashtra, also suggested that special squads be formed as a precaution in the northeastern states of India that share a border with China to stop the spread of the disease.

In Maharashtra, at least 12 people have been quarantined in government hospitals for possible exposure to the virus, although no confirmed cases have been found.