Budget of the Union 2020: Nirmala Sitharaman arrives in Parliament with the traditional 'bahi-khata'

NEW DELHI: After meeting with President Ram Nath Kovind, the minister of finance of the Union and his deputy minister, the minister of state Anurag Thakur, arrived in Parliament to attend a meeting of cabinet ministers before the presentation of the budget of the Union.

The Union will be presented shortly.

Like last year, Sitharaman opted for a traditional 'bahi-khata' to carry budget documents. Dressed in a crispy yellow silk sari, the minister carried the documents wrapped in a red silk cloth, adorned with the Indian emblem in gold.

The 2020 Union Budget will be presented shortly. The Budget speech will begin around 11 am today with Sitharaman beginning with a speech to the speaker of Lok Sabha. Usually, the duration of the presentation varies from 90 to 120 minutes.

Live plus The word budget has its origin in the French word Bougette, which means leather briefcase. Traditionally, budget documents, which mainly include documents related to the receipt of income and expenses, as well as the speech of the finance minister, were carried in a brown briefcase, a legacy transmitted by the British.

However, traditional Indian businessmen used bahi-khata to keep their account books. India's gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to recover and grow at a rate of 6 to 6.5 percent in the next financial year 2020-21, according to the Economic Survey presented in Parliament on Friday.

The weak global growth that affects the country and the slowdown in investment due to the crisis in the domestic financial sector have led the government to estimate the GDP expansion at 5% for the current financial year ending March 31.