Four Indians manage companies of combined value only equal to India's GDP

Chennai: With IBM raising Arvind Krishna as its next CEO as of April, four of the leading technology companies (three of IIT) will have Indians in the lead. Satya Nadella at Microsoft, Sundar Pitchai at Alphabet and Shantanu Narayen at Adobe are the other three.

The combined market capitalization of these four companies as of Saturday morning is $ 2.62 billion, almost the same as India's GDP, which is approximately $ 2.8 billion.

The market capitalization of IBM is $ 121.13 billion, Microsoft is $ 1.32 billion. The alphabet costs $ 1.00 billion. Adobe costs $ 173.99 billion.

Krishna (57), a student at IIT Kanpur, had led a series of technologies with a vision of the future, including quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, nanotechnology, processors and data. For his credit, he had led the growth of the Information Management business by 50%.

Live plus In addition to Krishna, Jim Whitehurst elected as President of IBM, and Ginni Rometty will continue as Executive Chairman of the Board.

This raises the old question: why can't India get benefits from its own resources?

With almost three decades of experience in software products, leading technology businesses and technological innovation at IBM, Krishna is the second date after Satya Nadella's rise to CEO at Microsoft, where an Indian has joined the exclusive technology leadership club.

“What an amazing support of the managerial abilities of managers of Indian origin. Satya, Sundar, Shantanu and Arvind execute four American tech giants. This imposes the responsibility on Indian managers to demonstrate that they can also take Indian companies to the top, ”tweeted the president of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra.

Amitabh Kant, CEO de Niti Aayog, tuiteó: “Encantada de ver a un indio brillante asumir el cargo de CEO de IBM. Arvind Krishna es un visionario, un líder que ha liderado las tecnologías plus nuevas de IBM como la inteligencia artificial, la nube y la computación cuántica .

Biocon President and MD MD Kiran Mazumdar Shaw tweeted: IBM appoints Arvind Krishna as the new global CEO, another world technology leader in India!