Comedy is one of the few pure art forms left: Nitinn R Miranni

No matter what day of the week, it's always Sunday in Goa, jokes Nitinn R Miranni, a comedian born and raised in Dubai, who has been making people laugh for the past 11 years. He also makes a frequent appearance in Goa, breaking the crowd with his punches! In Goa, for a concert of this kind in Candolim this week, he told us about his first days in comedy, about breaking into the global market and how to be Not really Indian has worked in his favor. Goa is one of those places where you can enjoy time alone

Tuvo un comienzo interesante en su día, al día siguiente del concierto, caminando por los pintorescos barrios antiguos de Panaji, sumergiéndose en las vistas y sonidos de Fontainhas y haciendo reír a las personas a su alrededor, antes de conformarse con una interacción con nosotros en un Taberna vintage. ¡El día anterior lo pasé comiendo pescado en un restaurante local! “Cuando estoy en Goa, me aseguro de comer buena comida, ¡mi porción de mariscos, salchichas de cerdo y bebinca! Goa is one of those places where you can enjoy time alone ”, dice.

When he remembers his first Goa concert, he tells us: “My first Goa concert was in a cafeteria in a prominent property in Panaji and a guy booed me. There was a fight that broke out during the show, because someone got upset with what I said. He started abusing me while saying don't abuse in front of the children. He hit someone with his chappal and started from there. Suddenly I was picked up by a doorman who took me to a safe place. The next day I was in the newspapers and the second show was sold out because all Goa wanted to know what this guy who causes these fights says.

Comedy is one of the few pure artistic forms that remain

He has been on stage in Goa for years! “People are more willing to laugh now! They don't mind going out and having a good time. Many new places that offer different kitchens have been opened, so people are very excited to go now. All my Goa shows have always gone really well. Goa is one of my favorite venues, ”he says. After having been present during the time that Goa witnessed the rise of comedy concerts and festivals, he says: It's not just a fad, I think it just Start and you are here to stay! Comedy is one of the few pure artistic forms that remain. Bring people from all walks of life to share a laugh. Goa has people from all over the world that come, and everyone comes for a night of laughter and fun. People really enjoy laughing here, they enjoy roast! It is incorporated into the culture. Until Goa is willing to laugh, we have work!

I couldn't talk to people, but I could make them laugh

Being in Dubai fueled his passion for comedy! “It wasn't fun to grow up, I was introverted and I still am. In fact, my next show is called Outgoing Introvert. He was growing up in Dubai and was an expatriate child. I realized that I was very comfortable on stage. I could not greet people in person, but I could make people laugh on stage. Once I went on stage, people accepted me immediately. That is a comforting feeling for someone looking to fit like a child. I took a leap of faith, quit my job and here I am. 11 years have passed.

Although he began his career in Dubai, he enjoys a global audience and people in India have also accepted it. “Being in Dubai, I had a global audience when I started. So I was trained to do an international career, and it was a great place to start my career. India is my market, but I have realized that I am NRI and that is my voice now, so now I am a Not really Indian. What makes the Indians connect with me is the fact that I am very vulnerable on stage. The more personal I get, the more generic and relatable I become for the Indian audience, ”he says.

Its content is quite identifiable, and stays away from politics and religion! “I like the relationship part of humans. I no longer have friends, because everyone is happy with me! Even my wife is upset because she is happy now! Because I was introverted throughout my life, I have observed and absorbed a lot, which is why everything is going out

now! He says.