Ahmedabad: three women put chili powder in the private parts of women

AHMEDABAD: A 22-year-old sales executive from the Vadaj city area on Friday presented a FIR at the Vadaj police station, claiming that three women, including his ex-lover's wife, put chili powder in their private parts And they attacked her.

In her FIR, the woman declared that she worked for Girish Goswami, the husband of, four years ago in a clothing store. During their period there, he and Girish fell in love.

The plaintiff and Girish had a relationship for two years, after which the plaintiff broke up and began working in a clothing store in Vastrapur.

Two months ago, Girish called the plaintiff and they talked to each other again. A month ago, Janu learned that things had been fixed and called and threatened the complainant, says FIR.

Around 9.45 a.m. on Thursday, when the plaintiff was walking to Pragatinagar from her home in Vadaj, Janu and her friend arrived on a scooter and forced her into the vehicle between them, adds FIR.

They took her to the place of Janu, where another friend of his, Thakuri Goswami, was present.

“They locked me in a room and Thakuri told Janu and Rinka to undress me and put chili powder in my private parts. Which they did. While screaming in pain, they filmed a video on a mobile phone, ”said the plaintiff in the FIR.

Janu then told the plaintiff to pay Rs 50 lakh, claiming that Girish had spent that sum on clothes for the plaintiff. Janu also threatened to throw acid on the plaintiff's face if he ever met Girish again, says the FIR. Then they released her and she went home.

Inspector J A Rathwa of the Vadaj police station said the three women accused were arrested and charged with kidnapping, causing injuries and criminal intimidation.