Andhra Pradesh student commits suicide in Germany for failing subjects

VIJAYAWADA: A student from the village of Muppalla committed suicide by jumping from a five-story building in the Ruhr region on Thursday. The deceased was identified as (23), a student who was in his third year at MS in.

Family sources explained that he has been depressed because of his low test scores. Mohan's father, Rami Reddy, recalled his son's last phone call that he regretted getting low grades on his fourth semester exam.

The next thing he knows is that he received a call from Germany from his roommates informing him that his son had died while jumping from the fifth floor of his university hostel building. Local metropolitan police officers also informed family members about Mohan's disappearance and also conducted an investigation and discovered that he was depressed because he had low grades.

Reddy said his son was a brilliant student when he continued his education in India and always had the ambition to get a good job.

But they were surprised that he was fighting emotionally to the point of taking the extreme step.