TN: Farmer, 104, defies age, death; goes under a knife, returns to his fief in five days

COIMBATORE: At a time when doctors hesitate to use the scalpel in patients between 90 and 80 years old, a 104-year-old farmer from Kerala underwent a large intestine in a hospital in Coimbatore. He recovered in 48 hours and was discharged on the fifth day. Now he is back at his farm circling.

In early January, Kittuchami de Velanthavalam, near Palakkad, was taken to the City-Based Liver and Gastro Care Hospital with complaints of severe stomach pain and vomiting. Our CT scan showed that one third of his was in his scrotum and that the intestine was clogged due to a narrow internal hernia ring, said Dr. S Vijaykumar, who performed the surgery. We had to do surgery to remove the blockage.

Kittuchami's children initially doubted and doubted if he could undergo surgery at this age. However, since he had no comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension or asthma and had organs that worked well, they decided to undergo surgery. This was the first time Kittuchami went under the scalpel. But he wasn't afraid, he told TOI.

Dr. Vijaykumar said: “The 90-minute surgery involved opening the hernia ring and removing the blockage. As older people take longer to recover from anesthesia, we use more local anesthesia and less general anesthesia for Kittuchami. We also use clips instead of sutures due to their wrinkled and fragile skin.

Kittuchami was on a liquid diet and began to walk 48 hours after surgery, which led him to discharge on the fifth day. Now, I can eat normally and get up and inspect my land, he said.

Kittuchami, who had been working on his land until he was 102 years old, is abstemious, does not smoke and does not chew tobacco. Kittuchami is a clear example that good health can be achieved with a healthy lifestyle, and good health automatically generates longevity, said Dr. Vijaykumar. Kerala always has the highest life expectancy in the country, with 72.8 years, he added.