Internet suspended in Jabalpur after clashes during an anti-CAA protest

JABALPUR: One day after the third confrontation between police and anti-CAA protesters in about a month, internet services remained suspended in the city on Friday until 6 p.m. The police have reinforced security measures, as few women continue to organize a sit-in.

The Jabalpur district collector, Bharat Yadav, told TOI: “Internet services were restricted in the city due to security reasons until 5pm on Friday. Few women are protesting in the Raddi Chowk area of ​​the city now too, we are in talks with them. ”

Although the fundraiser said that internet services remained affected only until 5pm, sources said that mobile phone internet services were suspended from 9.40 am to 6pm.

FIR against unidentified protesters

It is noteworthy that several women had been protesting in Ghazi Miyan Maidan since January 21. Minister Lakhan Ghanghoria and the district collector Bharat Yadav arrived there and pacified the women in protest after receiving a memo from them on Thursday, but a part of the protesters who were not happy with the decision to call the protests, the Protests were squatting on the adjacent road, sources said. Later, when the police tried to eliminate them, the police threw stones at the wall.

SP Jabalpur Amit Singh said: “An FIR has been registered against unidentified people who were sitting in protest on the road on Thursday. No one has been arrested yet. Another six FIRs were also registered on January 26, but so far no arrests have been made. ”

The recent confrontation between the protesters and the police was the third such incident since December 20. On January 26 there was also a confrontation between the police and the protesters. The clash between the police and protesters on December 20, led to the imposition of the curfew in some of the areas of the city for four days.