Mumbai: a 64-year-old man comes alive for raping a minor neighbor

MUMBAI: By refusing to grant clemency to a 64-year-old man, arrested in 2016 for repeatedly violating his 7-year-old neighbor for a year, a special court of the Child Protection Act of (POCSO) this week sentenced him to chain perpetual

The court said that a liberal attitude in imposing a scarce sentence or adopting a comprehensive approach to such crimes will affect the health of society. Rejecting his request that he was old and had health problems, the court said: He did not think about the victim's age, his innocence, and committed such a heinous crime. His act shows his perverse mentality, which cannot be protected against the child who has gone through such a traumatic experience.

The court said that the imposition of a sentence without considering its effect on the social order in many matters can actually be a useless exercise.

Offenses against women, sexual harassment that implies moral turpitude or moral delinquency, have a great impact on the social order and the public interest cannot be lost sight of, the court said. To convict the defendants, the court relied on the testimony of the girl, who was so traumatized that she screamed in court and refused to look at the defendant.

The victim deposed that the defendant was doing it (sexual abuse and rape) in the morning, Wednesday and holidays. The last episode was on February 24, 2016, on a Wednesday. Even when verifying the victim's evidence with all the criteria and parameters, his testimony remained unshakable and reliable, the court said.

An FIR was registered on February 25, 2016, one day after the girl confided to her family that the accused had sexually assaulted her. The defendant denied the charges in court.

He said that since he and his son used to bathe outside the house, the neighbors fought and implicated him in a false case.

But the court said: Certainly, no prudent and respected family would file a report with such an accusation that involves their reputation for helping a neighbor. Not even the neighbors would allow someone to put into play the character of any woman, girl. revenge against anyone preparing a false story of sexual abuse and rape of their daughters.

(The identity of the victim has not been revealed to protect their privacy according to the directives of the Supreme Court on cases related to sexual assault)