Karnataka: Girl of 3 years, falls from the vehicle and meets after 30 minutes.

SHIVAMOGGA: A three-year-old girl who fell from a moving vehicle had a miraculous escape in the Agumbe Ghat section in the Teerthahalli district in the early hours of Friday.

The incident took place when 12 members of three different families returned from a tour of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The girl reunited with her family after 30 minutes of great drama.

It is a repetition of a Kerala incident in which a one-year-old baby fell from a moving jeep and met his mother hours later in September 2019 in the district.

The baby had slipped from the mother's arms while she slept in the vehicle. CCTV images showed the baby, after falling on the road, crawling to a nearby illuminated area, which turned out to be a forest checkpoint.

The family realized that the boy had disappeared after 20 km.

In the Chikkamagaluru incident, it is believed that the boy, identified as Anavi, fell out of the vehicle while negotiating sharp turns on the Agumbe Ghat road, 350 km from Bangalore. According to reports, the child's parents, Binu and Lincy, from NR Pura in the Chikkamagaluru district, and other family members fell asleep and did not realize that the child had fallen from the vehicle until they traveled a distance of about 20 km.

One of the family members noticed that a child was missing from the seat next to the door. When the driver realized that the door latch had given way, he suspected that the child could have left the vehicle.

Then, the family began searching along the road and a forest guard at the Agumbe checkpoint learned that they had found a missing child and delivered him to the Agumbe police station.

A defender who identified himself as Vinay saw the girl as she passed the deserted section minutes after the vehicle left, picked her up and handed her over to the Agumbe police.

The boy suffered minor injuries in the fall. He received medical treatment before being delivered to the parents.

Sources said it was not known how the vehicle door opened. One theory is that the girl could have accidentally unlocked the door while clinging to the latch on the bumpy ride in the ghat. The police did not file any complaints.