Indian Railway settings menu, then restored to traditional dishes to please regional palates

The train trip always revives the nostalgia of the days of good childhood. Especially, the food served during the trip has always been a delicious experience, but how will you feel when the same food is replaced and the menu is modified? It is obvious to feel discouraged and disappointed. Recently, Indian railways had to face the anger of their demanding customers when they replaced authentic delicacies such as pazham pori and illayada, which have been there on the menu for so many years.

Recently, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Indian Railways, replaced two traditional dishes: pazham pori and illayada served on the southern railways with samosa and kachori. However, this change in the menu was not appreciated by customers in South India and they took it to social networks and criticized this movement. After facing customers' anger over social networks, Indian Railways restored its decision to serve pazham pori and illayada to please travelers.

Travelers' fury floated across all social networks, where some called it cultural fascisim, while others called it a staple of their train journey. However, in their attempt to please their travelers, the railroads restored the Kerala dishes on the menu and added a new delicious fish curry to meet the preferences of the regional palate.

Hibi Eden, an Ernakulam-based parliamentarian, also wrote a letter to the Minister of Railways, Piyush Goyal, to bring back local delicacies. In the letter, he expressed concern about the taste preferences of people in the region. He also emphasized how these authentic delicacies are not just dishes, but a nostalgia for people. He also added: Some dishes that are very important for malayalees at breakfast, such as appam, curried egg, porotta, dosa, chapatti, steam cake (Puttu) were excluded along with snacks such as fried plantain (pazham pori), Baji ilayada, kozhukkatta, unniyappam, neyyappam, modakkam/sukhiyan. Soft drinks such as lime water are also excluded.

In a move to appreciate the suggestions and preference of customers' palate, the IRCTC reviewed its menu as it was before and also added a new delicacy (curried fish). To meet customer demand and expectations, the IRCTC has authorized its local offices to include more regional delicacies from different parts of the country.