Pakistan dismisses reports of quadruple wage increase for Imran

KARACHI: Cash Pakistan government has dismissed as unfounded PM Imran Khan obtaining an increase of almost four times, the media reported.

The clarification was issued after news reports claimed that the prime minister's gross salary would increase from Rs 2,01,574 to around Rs 8,00,000.

At a time when the prime minister was conducting a campaign to cut government spending, the spread of such an unfounded and elaborate news report was unfortunate, said the spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office. Khan said recently that he could not manage his household expenses with his official salary, the report adds. “We have reduced the expenses of the PM House by 40%. I live in my own house, my own expenses, ”said Khan.

According to The News, Khan earned Rs 1.96,979 after the deductions, according to his February 2019 salary receipt. Khan has also claimed that his overseas visits have cost the treasure 10 times less than his predecessors. He said his visit to Davos in January for the World The Economic Forum was sponsored by two business friends.