Gita, Veda, Thirukkural, Adam Smith ... survey of great thoughts

NEW DELHI: Over the years, each economic survey has had a rich collection of quotes that range from ancient texts to poets, economists and philosophers to convey their message.

The Economic Survey of the Main Economic Adviser 2019-20 is no exception. From Thirukkural to the Rig Veda, from the Bhagvad Gita to Adam Smith and Margaret Thatcher, his canvas is expansive.

In the preface, Subramanian makes it clear that the survey is a humble attempt to develop a policy framework that can foster wealth creation in India. With the goal of the government to transform India into an economy of $ 5 billion by 2025, it underlines the idea that wealth creation is rooted in the ancient and rich tradition of India, spanning from the Arthashashtra of Kautilya to the Thirukural from Thiruvaluuvar ...

In the chapter on Thalinomics, where Subramanian discusses the economy of a plate of food in India, he relies on the Rig Veda for the initial prayers. Come to us, oh food, auspicious with auspicious help, bringing health, not cruel, a dear and innocent friend.

Live plus Supporting the privatization of state enterprises, the survey is based on the words of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. “Free enterprise has allowed man's creative and purchasing impulses to be expressed in a way that benefits all members of society. Let free enterprise defend itself now, not by itself, but by all those who believe in freedom.