Sensex rises 3% since last budget

MUMBAI: It has been seven volatile months for Dalal Street investors since the last budget of the finance minister on July 5, 2019, with the sense of up to 1,201 points or 3% until Friday's close at 40,732, while some of The other indexes have lost ground.

Assemble the profits on blue chips such as Bharti Airtel (up to 36%), Asian paintings (32%), ICICI Bank (20.5%), HUL (13.6%) and Trusted industries (12%), the wealth of investors also increased a little more than Rs 5 lakh crore with the market capitalization of the BSE now almost at Rs 156 lakh crore.

Earnings in the last seven months since the Budget were mainly due to the purchase of mutual funds, which together bought shares worth Rs 45,300 million. However, foreign funds, for the most part, remained silenced with a net income of Rs 1,632 million rupees. One of the main triggers of the recovery since the last Budget was the decision of the government of September 20 to drastically reduce corporate taxes that added a little more than 1,900 points, or 5% to the index in a single session. Outside the index, the shares of insurance companies and companies recorded stellar gains with HDFC MF above 60%, ICICI Life for 28% and HDFC Life for 26%.