The offer of Democratic witnesses is doomed to Trump's trial when a key Republican says no

WASHINGTON: Another key announced the opposition to call witnesses in the impeachment trial of US President Trump, apparently condemning an offer by Democrats to testify at trial and pave the way for an expected acquittal.

Senator Lisa Murkowski said she carefully considered the need to use witnesses and documents at the trial that will determine if Trump is removed from office, but eventually decided not to. The Democrats, who at first sounded resigned to defeat in their attempt to call witnesses, would need four Republicans to join them to win a vote for witnesses.

Tonight, all signs point to a rushed acquittal of an accused president Patty murray , a member of the Senate leadership, told reporters. The Senate resumed proceedings with the House of Democratic Representatives who act as prosecutors making a final speech for witnesses. The Senate should vote later on the issue of witnesses.

The moment of a final vote on whether to condemn Trump was unclear. Republican senators had said it could be late on Friday or Saturday. But some senators said the final vote can be postponed until next week, perhaps until Wednesday. A second Republican senator. Mitt Romney - On Friday he declared support for calling witnesses as Trump's former national security adviser.

Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate and critic at some point of Trump, joined his moderate colleague Susan Collins as the only ones among the 53 Republican senators in the 100-seat chamber to support witness voting. Except for an unexpected change of opinion on the part of other Republican senators before a final vote on the articles, Trump's allies seemed sure to defeat the request for testimony.